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Contact Information

Central Office
5965 E Broad Street
Suite 120
Columbus, OH 43213

Phone: (614) 864-1000
Fax: (614) 864-1444

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm, closed 12-1 for lunch

Providing Healthcare to Patients at the following hospitals and facilities:

  • Dublin Methodist Hospital
  • Eastside Surgery Center
  • Grant Medical Center
  • Grant Scope Center (dba Downtown Endoscopy Center)
  • Knightsbridge Surgery Center
  • Mount Carmel East Hospital
  • Riverside Methodist Hospital
  • Select Specialty Hospital
  • Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital
  • Taylor Station Surgical Center


Central Ohio Colon and Rectal Center, Inc.








Please ask us for a Colon Cancer Risk Assessment! 


If you answer YES to one of the following questions,  

1.)  Do you have an immediate relative with colon cancer, rectal cancer or uterine cancer diagnosed before age 50?

2.)  Have you had colon or rectal cancer or polyps diagnosed before age 50?

3.)  Do you have 3 or more relatives with a history of: colon, rectal, uterine, gastric, ovarian, pancreatic, or brain cancers? 

 Please call (614) 864-1000 and ask to schedule an appointment to discuss your risk for colon cancer.

Of cancers that affect both men and women, colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States and the third most common cancer in men and in women.For more information, visit: 


Remember that screening and early detection are critical to preventing and treating cancer. Let the doctors at Central Ohio Colon and Rectal Center help you take the right steps to reduce your risk.

You can learn more about your risks and more by visiting:


Wonder why some of our surgeons have "extra" initials after their name? 

The process to obtain fellowship is lengthy and requires not only board certification in surgery but also case experience, peer references, and an interview for eligibility. 

To learn more about this honor, please visit or

Have you been hearing about Robotic-Assisted Surgery on the television and radio?  

We are excited to have Drs. Bruce Kerner and Peter Lee eligible to offer robotic-assisted surgical options for our patients. To learn more about the robotics program and its use in minimally-invasive colon and rectal surgery, visit


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